An Outdoor Power and Lawn Equipment Solution That Makes Sense

YARDMAX gives you exactly what you need to get the job done right, at the right price.

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You vs. Mother Nature

Owning land and making it your own can be great, but sometimes Mother Nature has her own plans. Are you ready to answer your call of the wild?

A Solution That’s Right for You

When manual labor or using worn-out yard tools gets old, and paying for “high-end” equipment seems irresponsible, you need a solution somewhere in the middle – that’s where you’ll find YARDMAX’s wide range of products.

The Perfect Balance of Performance, Practicality and Durability

Whether you’re a typical homeowner, skilled DIYer or professional contractor, YARDMAX will empower you to get the job done right, without overpaying or over-exerting yourself in the process.


Powered by name-brand engines with a reputation for outstanding, long-lasting performance, YARDMAX offers equipment that’s built to last. Engineered for peak performance and ease of use, YARDMAX incorporates the latest technology to enhance user experience.


Dollar for dollar, YARDMAX is the best value in the OPE market. Never sacrificing quality, durability, safety, or customer support, bells & whistles are included without having to pay extra for them.


Consumers can rely on YARDMAX to deliver high-quality equipment made from heavy-duty, tested materials. We insist on using highly crafted metal parts as opposed to cheaper plastic ones, maintaining the highest level of ruggedness and longevity in our products.


Our Mission =


Customer-centric in everything we do, we strive to advance the OPE industry by providing high-quality, innovative products at an affordable price – and supporting them with:

World-Class Manufacturing Practices

World-class Manufacturing Practices

Backed by proven manufacturing practices, with decades of industry experience, YARDMAX products are synonymous with quality and reliability.

Superior Customer Support

Superior Customer Support

Headquartered in Libertyville, IL, our customer service and warranties are all focused on doing whatever it takes to make it right for our customers.