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OCTOBER 20-21, 2016

Louisville, KY

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Awesome! This is a tough, no-nonsense piece of equipment. It does not flinch on the heaviest, toughest wood. – Glenn M.

Easy to set up vertically or horizontally. The 4-way wedge is a great time saver, and I love the spinner plate for those twisty, branched pieces that would’ve gone flying off my old splitter. – Paul F.

The motor and pump performance are amazing. The moments of complete stress on the machine are handled with ease. – Lance L.

Very impressed with the hydraulic controller and 4-way wedge. Operation is very smooth. Having used log splitters for almost 20 years, this is something that I would like to replace my current unit. The spinner plate is a great idea! – Joel M.

The different setup options (standing vs. table top) are very nice. The stroke limiter makes it a very efficient electric splitter. – Hector B.

Small and portable. Chips large pieces of 5-inch wood very nicely! Very impressed – easy to clean out a jam with the blades. – Lonny K.

The 22ʺ snow blower is a reliable piece of equipment that just gets the job done, clearing 8ʺ-10ʺ of heavy, wet snow in a single pass. – Tom N.

For the last 5 months, I’ve been using YARDMAX equipment, including the plate compactor, sweeper and concrete mixer. Honestly, I would’ve expected to pay a lot more for this level of quality. – Jim F.

The YARDMAX chipper shredder performed great, easily shredding all the top branches we cleaned up – off several different types of trees. It is easy to use and very maneuverable. I also really liked the size of wood chips it made – perfect for landscape mulch! – Tim D.

The YARDMAX Power Sweeper is truly a multi-purpose machine – great for jobsite clean-up, dethatching my grass, and surprisingly it even took care of deep wet snow for me – without hesitation. – Jerry S.